The symptoms and prevention methods of thrombosis

When it comes to thrombosis, I believe many people don’t understand it very well. However, most of the common cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke are caused by blood clots in blood vessels. There are many causes of thrombosis, mainly due to blood deposition, which leads to the continuous deposition of blood vessel wall deposits. Part of the thrombus can be naturally decomposed, but as the age increases, the thrombus will deposit and directly block the blood vessels in the body. The terrible thing about a blood clot is that it can cause local blockage, which can cause organ ischemia, hypoxia, and failure. Thrombosis can occur in arteries anywhere in the body. If it appears in the bifurcation of the cerebral blood vessels, it will cause cerebral infarction or cerebral embolism, and it may cause coronary heart disease in the coronary artery. These diseases can cause sudden death. read more

How much do you know about spinal massage therapy?

Massage has become an urban people to relieve fatigue and enjoy a form of entertainment and leisure. Spinal Massage therapy has become a common and recommended treatment for many diseases. It is usually covered by health insurance, the United States Government provides spinal massage therapy for members of the armed forces a licensed masseuse is even stationed in the Capitol. Do you go to see a chiropractor? If not, the following quick facts will provide you with a good reason. How much do you know about spinal massage therapy?Let’s take a look at it together. read more

How do we prevent hair from falling off?

There are about 100,000 hairs in the head of an adult. The problem of hair loss occurs naturally on the head of any person every day, and it usually occurs when washing your hair. An adult has about 100 hairs falling off every day, which can be said to be within the normal range. In general, after the hair has fallen off, the same amount of hair will grow soon, so don’t worry about your hair getting less and less. However, if the number of hair loss exceeds the normal range, there is a possibility of baldness. At this time, in addition to medical treatment, you should also pay attention to the details of life. read more